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A bra is an article of lingerie: A brassiere, commonly referred to as a bra, is an article of clothing that usually covers and elevates or supports the tits. aka, funbag holders. Besides the elevating function, some bras also have some shaping function. Those bras give a different shape to her tits and also might visually enlarge her tits as well as enhance cleavage. The third function of a bra is to limit unwanted movement of her tits, also known as bouncing tits.
Deborah in a romantic flower bra

The state of not wearing a bra under a sexy top is called going braless. If the bra comes in a set with matching panties, it is called a lingerie set.

Persons who are trying to photograph bra wearing candid women are called bra voyeurs.

Many women believe that wearing a bra prevents or slows their breasts from sagging, but researchers, bra manufacturers, and health professionals cannot find any evidence to support the idea. Former Playtex Chief Executive Officer John Dixey told interviewers for the British documentary "Bras, Bare Facts" in 2000, "We have no evidence that wearing a bra could prevent sagging, because the breast itself is not muscle, so keeping it toned up is an impossibility.... There's no permanent effect on the breast from wearing a particular bra. "


Elements of a bra

The basic elements of all bras are

  • Two bra-cups to hold and cover both of her tits.
  • One bra-band, which goes around her back and connects both bra-cups. The bra band might be adjustable to fit.
  • Two bra-straps which go over her shoulder and connect the upper edges the bra-cups with the bra-band. Strapless bras do not have any bra-straps and therefore might lack support of heavier breast sizes against gravity.

ES: Sujetador. Sirve para sujetar los pechos.
Si se combina a juego con una braguita o tanga se llama conjunto de lenceria

Alphabetic List of different Types of Bras

Worth to be mentioned:

  • Hand bra: She uses her hands to simulate a bra

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