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Braless: A woman wearing a sexy top and no bra beneath it. Depending on the material of the top, this will give the viewer a good idea of the shape of her tits as well of the size and shape of her nipples. This looks fantastic on many girls. Braless without a shirt or top is topless. Braless gives you a good idea of how she looks topless without her getting topless. The extremest way to get braless is to combine it with see-through. Braless girls are a preferred subject for voyeurs dedicated to downblouse (e.g. braless downblouse, sideblouse and upblouse photos. Also a braless girl might have the intention of flashing tits at some stage. The chances of nipple slips and good downblouse views are much higher with braless women. Going braless under a top also might lead to poking nipples also called pokies. Going braless also allows flashing tits by simply pulling up her top. Going braless might also lead to tits oops and nipple slips as well as to see through tits or see through nipples. Girls going braless might become targets of tit sharking and tit voyeurism.

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