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Plastic surgery intended to enlarge the size of her tits and to give the boobs a new shape.

These days it has become quite common for females to have their titties 'upgraded' to a larger size for cosmetic or personal reasons. Especially small tits and very small tits are often enhanced, which means enlarged. During the last decade, breast enlargement (also known as breast augmentation or breast enhancement) has often led to unnatural looking results also known as "fake tits". Today, advances in surgical techniques and better implant materials have led to the possibility of a more natural looking result. In certain situations, it can be quite difficult, even for the trained eye, to distinguish between natural tits and enlarged tits.

Due to a former ban on silicone implants some years ago, saline (water filled) implants were the only available type of implant to the patient wanting breast enhancement for non-reconstructive reasons. Recently, a new type of implant material, known as "cohesive gel" implants have gained in popularity, due to their ability to more closely resemble natural breast tissue in softness and compressibility. Cohesive gel implants are commonly referred to as "gummy bear" implants, due to their similarity to a gummy bear consistency (but MUCH softer). Cohesive gel implants will hold their shape better than saline implants, as the gel is firm and will not gather at the bottom of the implant when vertical like saline implants will do.

In 2006, cohesive gel implants garnered full FDA approval in the United States, other countries have enjoyed approved gel implants and have been using them for years. The US FDA lifted the ban on Silicone implants after years of research and trials to determine whether the silicone was leaking and causing a toxic reaction within some women. Some caution that silicone implants will not last a lifetime, and surgery later in life may be required. This can be true of any implant.

Yvette before and after breast enlargement

HARDNipples2.jpg NikkiJuly2008.jpg
A sexy and beautiful Nikki ;)~ Before A sexy and beautiful Nikki ;)~ After

VoyeurClouds' Photo collection of Enhanced Tits

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