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Breast fetishism is a raised sexual interest in the female tits, their shape, movement, and especially their breast size. Breast fetishism is the most common sexual fetish among men. Although this is the norm in Western society, this preference might become problematic when it develops into a strong fixation and becomes the only means of sexual arousal.


Breast Fetish on Breast size

Huge Breasts Fetish: Breast fetishism very often focuses on the size of the female tits (See Breast size. Breasts are commonly understood as symbols of sexuality and sexual attraction to men and the size of the breasts can be particularly important in relation to the impact on the man. This has created a huge market for breast enlargements for women who feel or are being told their breasts are too small. Quite many porn stars have capitalized on the obsession many men seem to have with large breasts by having their breasts enlarged to anatomically implausible sizes. With large breast fetishism being common in the United States and Japan, this fixation has increased cultural acceptance of breast enlargement. However some individuals have a fetishistic preference for large "natural" breasts only without breast implants.

Some individuals have a fetish for naturally large breasts and large areolas

Small Breasts Fetish: Much fewer people are focused on small to very small tits. They find their ideal tits quite often on skinny fashion models.

An outstanding example of smaller breasts

Breast Fetish on Nipple and Areola

Some breast fetishists are less focused on size but are sexually aroused by long or thick nipples or puffy aerolas. Wet T-shirt shows are a major attraction for these fetishists.

Breast Fetish on covered Breast

Some breast fetishists are more focused on dressed breast than on topless tits. A "sexy T-Shirt" or other top will raise the attention of a the fetishist.

Breast Fetish on candid Breast: Breast Voyeurs

Some breast fetishists photograph candid tits of unaware women, namely: tit voyeurs, nipple voyeurs and bra voyeurs

Breast Fetish on Cleavage

Some breast fetishists are more focused on the valley between the tits, called cleavage than the breast itself. The more her two tits are pressed together, the more attention she will raise.

Breast Fetish on Bouncing Boobs

Other breast fetishists are more focused on bouncing tits, which can typically be found at parks (jogging girls) or sporting events. This fetish is most often combined with voyeurism.

Further Breast Fetishes

Further known breast fetishes focus on

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