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Butt plugs (or anal plugs or assplugs) are sex toys designed to be inserted in the anus for sexual pleasure which means penetration. Butt plugs play a major role in anal stimulation and anal masturbation. Butt plugs vary in size (length and diameter), material, texture, weight and whether they have a flared end or handle. Butt plugs always feature some kind of narrow waist, which will be surrounded by the ring muscle of her anus once inserted, thus locating itself into the rectum and preventing it from slipping out unintentionally. Butt plugs always have a thin tip in order to allow easy insertion. Butt plugs stimulate her anus by applying weight to her rectum while at the same time stretching the ring muscle of her anus.

Female taste regarding butt plugs varies: Some women prefer the heavier versions while other prefer light and narrow versions. Almost all women using butt plugs report that more pussy juice as usual is produced while wearing her butt plug.

Butt plugs should not be worn continously or over extended periods of time (like more than 3 hours) as this might cause the anus to stay open for quite some time. For sanitary reasons butt plugs should be disinfected after usage.

The following usages of butt plugs seem to be common judged by their occurrence on Voyeurcloud:

  • Usage prior sex: It is kind of stimulating to her wearing a butt plug secretly in public while he knows about her butt plug.
  • During foreplay: She widens her anus during foreplay to allow easier anal sex at a later stage.
  • During masturbation: She inserts a butt plug into her anus before stimulating her clit and/or pussy, thus leading to more strong orgasms for some women.

Butt Plug Photos

A jelly 'Butt Plug‘
The same butt plug in use
Angi wearing a rather huge butt plug

The design of butt plugs has changed over the years: Originally the main users of butt plugs were gay males. With the increased popularity of hetero anal sex also the design of butt plugs changed and became more female oriented. Traditional butt plugs were usally black or skin colored and made of rubber or plastic:

A typical butt plug

Later on transparent butt plugs were brought onto the market. The transparency does not make any difference for her as a user, but allows others, like her partner, to see the "pink" inside her anus which might add to his excitement.

A transparent glass ass plug

Later on steel, silver, chrome and gold was used for butt plugs. These type of butt plugs, also called rosebud, are much more heavy. They come either with a handle (if used for stroking in and out the anus) or with a flat head, which allows her to wear them in public.

Lexo's special stainless steel butt plug with a long handle is on the right.

Special Types of Butt Plugs

Further Photos and Videos showing Amateur Ladies using Butt Plugs

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