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A butterfly is a sex toy: A vibrating device which is positioned on top of her clit by adjustable straps attached for wearing around the waist and thighs.

The first version of the butterfly vibrator had the shape of a butterfly. In the meantime butterfly vibrators come in all type of shapes, like dolphins, birds and others. The all serve the purpose of clitoral stimulation and are designed for handsfree masturbation. The traditional butterfly vibrator is powered from a wired remote control unit, which also holds the batteries. Within the last years wireless remote controlled butterfly vibrators were introduced to the market. While the wireless control might have some benefits, thes wireless butterflies need to have the batteries integrated into the vibrating unit, which adds more weight (and less vibrations) to the vibrating butterfly teaser head. Read more under wireless sex toys. The butterfly is a sex toy usually used for vibrator masturbation.

Butterfly vibrators are made of plastic, silicone or latex.

Illustrations of Butterfly Vibrators

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