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Candid cleavage is a voyeuristic phrase defined as documenting cleavage of unaware candid women. Candid cleavage is a type of photos of candid womengraphy and a subtype of street voyeurism.

Candid cleavage occurs when the candid unaware woman wears a tight top or at least a tight bra, which means that candid cleavage is always been documented on dressed boobs and not on topless women.

Candid cleavage should not be confused with candid downblouses: Those require special luck like an oops situation or a special angle to photograph down her blouse while candid cleavage is fully visible. Bottomline "candid cleavage" requires a) Cleavage and b) a candid women. The type of voyeurism specialized on documenting candid cleavage is called cleavage voyeurism. Otherwise it would fall under posed cleavage.

Candid Cleavage Pics

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