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Candid see-through dress is a type of photos of candid women, where the photographer is focused on documenting more ore less clothed bodies of unaware women wearing see-through dresses thus revealing the evealing the color and in some cases the fabric of her panty as well as her bra. Photographers taking this type of photos usually try to spot girls wearing dresses made of thin fabric or white dresses and approach the unaware girls from the back, which means the "model" in most cases never finds out that her rear has been documented. These type of voyeurs usually work at crowded public places like shopping malls and pedestrian zones. It is important to have a high density of girls wearing these type of dresses. Candid see through dresses are seasonal due to the thickness of the fabric of her skirt. In many cases the girl is not aware of the fact that her lingerie and sometimes even her ass cheeks shines through her dress. It gives the voyeur a special grade of satisfaction if he is able to spot and document sexy thongs worn under her pants or special sexy fabric like for example lace.

Candid See-through Dress Photos

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