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Car masturbation means to masturbate while seated in a car. If the female is operating the car and masturbating at the same time it is called masturbation while driving. The more common female masturbation technique is to masturbate in a car while not operating the car at the same time. It can be either completely hidden masturbation (like for example on the back seat), masturbation visible to the driver of the car or masturbation intended to be public masturbation so that bypassing cars and mainly trucks can get a good idea of what is happening. Many women get a kick out of masturbation in a car because it makes the idea of masturbation on a public road (even if secretly performed on the back seat) might generate extra excitement and add to the self play fun. Car masturbation is a type of mobile masturbation.

All types of car masturbation have become quite popular lately. The more safe variation is to be driven around while masturbating, IF the driver is able to concentrate on driving the car. Masturbating while driving at the same time is not recommended and has already led to some embarrassing car accidents in the past. The number of photos submitted to Voyeurcloud and documenting car masturbation is increasing. Car masturbation is mostly a type of Female masturbation in seated position.

Car Masturbation Photos

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