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Chastity belt is a type of chastity device, which locks away genitals from different types of stimulation including sexual intercourse, penetration and masturbation. Historically it is said, that chastity belts were used to prevent rape or sex with others than the partner. Today chastity belts are used in BDSM-games, fetish games and other sexual oriented activities. This articles describes todays chastity belts and their function rather than medieval types and usages.


Female Chastity Belts

Female chastity belts mainly prevent access to her pussy and might as well prevent access to her anus. Today's chastity belts are either symbolic, which means they can easily be opened and removed by applying force, or made of robust material and only be removed by unlocking them with the designated key. The goal is grant a key holder a certain control of her pussy and the stimulation of her pussy. The chastity belts are mode of plastic, leather or metal or any combinations of the above. Models range from cheap version sold by regular sex stores to highly customized designs sold by dedicated manufactories. Following types of female chastity belts are common:

  • Chastity Belt to prevent pussy penetration

The basic types of today's chastity belts prevent from penetration of her pussy. It mainly consists of a locked belt around her hips and a second belt between her legs with some type of shield or ring positioned on top of her pussy. The belt around her hips is called waiste band. The more serious chastity belts which can only be removed by unlocking usually have steel waist bands. The shield is usually made of leather or steel. The design blocks any type of penetration of her pussy but might still allow access to her clit or anus.

  • Chastity Belt to prevent pussy stimulation

This type of female chastity belt not only blocks any penetration of her pussy, but also blocks access to her clit. This is a achieved by using a more solid and bigger front shield. The front shield might a solid piece of steel or feature very small holes to allow her to pee, while blocking any type of clitoral stimulation. This type is used to stop her from any type of pussy-oriented masturbation.

  • Chastity Belt to prevent pussy stimulation and anal stimulation

Basically the more solid shield described above is designed in a way to cover not only her entire pussy but also her anus, thus not allowing any type of pussy or anal stimulation, neither by herself through masturbation nor by another person.

  • Chastity belts with plugs

Any of the types above might be equipped with vaginal or anal plugins. Those plugins are dildo-shaped attachments which will penetrate her pussy and/or her ass while wearing the chastity belt.

  • Chastity belts with remote stimulation

Some chastity belts feature remote stimulation devices like vibrating plugs or vibrating clitoral teasers. The goal is to fully control the level or her sexual excitement without allowing her to masturbate to an orgasm. This type of sexual games is sometimes performed at public places between two partners.

Add-ons to Female Chastity Belts

Following add-ons are used in combination with female chastity belts:

  • Plugs

Plugs are worn under the chastity belt penetrating her pussy or ass.

  • Remote controlled vibrators

Wireless vibrators might be used inside her locked chastity belt to raise her sexual excitement while fully controlling the level and timing of excitement.

  • Thigh Belts

Thigh belts limit the degree of her spreading or opening her legs. They are used to force her to keep her legs tight together or to only allow her very small steps when walking.

  • Locked Steel Bra

Additional to a chastity belt, her tits might be covered with a locked chastity bra. This chastity bra completely blocks access to her tits and especially her nipples preventing her from nipple stimulation. Using a chastity belt combined with a steel bra ensures that she is not able to stimulate herself at all.

Female Chastity Belt Photos

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