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Chastity cage is a chastity device which encloses at least his penis and in many cases his scrotum thus preventing the stimulation and erection of his penis as well as any type of sexual intercourse. In other words: A typical chastity cage keeps his penis small and does not allow him to stick his penis into any hole or to masturbate. Chastity cages for him have become popular lately. They mostly consist of two parts: A tube holding his penis and preventing his penis from erection and stimulation as well as a ring to be fastened behind his scrotum which keeps the tube in place. The design of the tube might be curved in order to avoid any type of erection or to make erections very uncomfy. Chastity cages are nowadays mostly made of acrylic plastic. They mostly feature a lock with keys.

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Chastity devices for girls are discussed under chastity belt.

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