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Cleavage typically refers to the the enticing cleft located between her tits. This cleavage can be made even more enticing when her boobs are pushed together by hand, bras, bikini tops, sexy tops or other clothing items. For example the main purpose of demicup bras is to produce cleavage by design Breast cleavage is somehow like an upper ass crack. If a guy positions his penis in the cleavage it is called titty fuck. How to identify cleavage? As soon as you suspect cleavage, (after asking the lady to perform the cleavage test on her) you position a standard pen (which is tool to write and not your penis) into the cleft, well centered between her right and left tit. Then you ask the lady to breath normally. If the pen stays there for 30 seconds, you identified cleavage. If the pen stays there for more than 2 minutes, you identified superior cleavage. Cleavage is subject to tit voyeurism and street voyeurism.

If the cleavage is visible at the bottom of her boobs only, it is called underboob. Cleavage while wearing a bikini top is called bikini cleavage.

Cleavage also applies to buttcheeks (ass cleavage) and between toes. Some women look for shoes that will cover their toes but showcase their toe cleavage. Cleavage shown in public is subject to voyeurism and the type of photos shot by cleavage voyeurs are called candid cleavage.

The bigger her tits are the easier it is for her to produce cleavage in dresses: Gigantic tits, very big tits and big tits are the perfect breast sizes for cleavage. Smaller breast sizes can usually only produce visible cleavage by applying much more mechanical pressure from left and right.

Cleavage displayed in public is subject to cleavage voyeurism.

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