Cleavage voyeurism

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Cleavage voyeurism is a sub-type of tit voyeurism focusing on documenting female candid cleavage. Cleavage voyeurs can be almost anywhere. e.g. on highly frequented walkways. The season for cleavage voyeurs is from spring to late summer, when women are not wearing any jackets. Usually cleavage voyeurs target fully dressed girls wearing some type of cleavage producing tops. Girls with big tits and wearing tight tops with inviting necklines are the number one target of cleavage voyeurism.

Cleavage voyeurs prefer to position themselves on elevated locations thus being able to shoot women's cleavage from above, which looks more impressive on photos. In most cases the cleavage voyeur tries to document her face together with her cleavage. Trendy push-up bras and wonder-bras add to the joy of cleavage voyeurs. The neighboring more extreme type of tit voyeurism is downblouse voyeurism. Some cleavage voyeur photos are shot from above and cannot be distinguished from downblouse voyeur photos.

Cleavage Voyeurism Photos

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