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A clit pump is a sex pump used for clit pumping which is a type of temporary clit enlargement combined with applying low pressure to her clit for clitoral stimulation and in order to enhance her clitoral sensitivity.

  • A pumping device: The purpose of the pumping device is to generate low pressure or vacuum. The cheapest pumping devices you find are bicycle horn like rubber balls. Better pumping devices are piston pumps with a handle. Additionally you find electrical pumps running on batteries or main electricity.
  • A tube which connects the pumping device with the clit cylinder. The tube should be detachable once the vacuum has been applied to her clit.
  • A clit cylinder: Her pussy will be covered by the cylinder. The cylinder is made of acrylic plastic or glass and are transparent in order to watch her clit growing once the vacuum has been applied. The cylinder comes in different sizes and shapes and (unless the cylinder is much bigger than her clit) her clit will have the shape and size of the cylinder after vacuum has been applied. The vacuum basically "sucks her clit into the cylinder".

Effect of a Clit Pump

The clit pump makes her clit enlarge drastically. The effect may last up to 15 minutes. Due to the increase flood of blood as well as to the stretched skin of her clit a much higher sensitivity might occur and her clit might tickle.

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