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Clitoral stimulation means to stimulate a woman's clit. Her clit is a very sensitive, if not the most sensitive zone of her body. Clit stimulation is done with fingers, mouth and sex toys as well as her clit might be stimulated during fucking in special sex positions. Clit stimulation is more tricky than penis or nipple stimulation because her clit tends to be numb or painful if the technique is repeated for too long or if the technique is not gentle enough. Ongoing clit stimulation in most cases triggers an orgasm. The type and degree a girl reacts to clitoral stimulation is different on every girl. The range includes tickling, licking, sucking, rubbing, pulling, vibrations and clit pumping. In many cases subtle stimulation might have a much more positive effect than heavy stimulation. In order to keep her and others from clitoral stimulation chastity belts are used to block access to her clitoris. Girls might react to successful clitoral stimulation with an increase of size of their clit, production of pussy juice and erected nipples. And quite often you can witness that "special look in their eyes".


Techniques of self-stimulating her clit

Self-stimulating techniques are applied by herself during masturbation. It usually done with her hands or with a sex toy, but not orally because she cannot reach her own clit with her mouth. This type of masturbation is called clit masturbation.

Clit Stimulation by Hand

Clit stimulation by Hand

The most common method to self-stimulate her clit is by using her fingers. She slowly circles her clit and applies more and more pressure. Tastes vary: She might use one or two fingers or her entire hand. Most women prefer to have direct skin contact between their fingers and their clit, however clit stimulation also works while wearing thin fabric like a pantyhose or very thin panties. Some women prefer lubrication some do not. Lubrication can be pussy juice.

Clit Stimulation with Water

Clit stimulation by Water

Clit stimulation by streaming water is discussed under water masturbation.

Clit Stimulation by Vibrator

Clit stimulation by Vibrator

Another most common method to self-stimulate her clit is by using a vibrating sex toy. She usually presses the vibrating sex toy slightly against her clit and might slowly move it up and down. Individual taste about the type of vibrations varies a lot. Some women prefer very light vibrations while other prefer medium to strong vibrations. Depending on the individual preferred level of vibrations, the sex toy varies: Standard vibrators or bullet vibrators as well as huge massagers as well as electric toothbrushes might be used. Some women prefer the direct skin contact while others prefer to wear thin panties or a pantyhose. More sophisticated sex toys include vibrating panties and wireless sex toys. All these masturbation methods are types of vibrator masturbation.

Clit Stimulation by Vacuum

Another common method to stimulate her clit is to apply low pressure to her clit using a pussy pump or a clit pump.

Techniques of partner-stimulation of her clit

In addtion to the techniques above, which can of course be performed by a partner instead herself, following clit stimulation techniques can be applied:

Oral Clit Stimulation

Oral clit stimulation means to stimulate her clit with his tongue. This technique is discussed in detail under eating pussy and 69 and sucking clit.

Clit Stimulation during Sex

While fucking some sex positions will stimulate her clit, while other sex positions don't: The missionary sex position, the cowgirl sex position are the most prominent positions which include clitoral stimulation.

Clit Stimulation with a massager
Pointy Clit Stimulation with a vibrator
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