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The codriver is the person sitting in front of the car but not operating the car (That would be the driver). Other people call them a passenger (hence the passenger seat), or when the driver gets lost, the codriver/passenger immediately is called the navigator who failed to give the driver the critical direction at the critical time miles back on the road somewhere. If the codriver moves to the backseat and gives unwanted directions, they are referred to as a nag (or backseat driver). Codrivers can be fully clothed, topless, pantyless, bottomless as well as fully nude.

Note: pronunciation is co-driver as opposed to cod river

See also: Tips for a Safe codriver and passenger and driver


Visual Appearance Female Codriver

Igor's preferred codriver is of course female, pantyless and/or braless or topless and wearing high heels: a hot girl by all means!

Functions and Responsibilities Female Codriver

The main job of the codriver is to keep the driver entertained during boring rides. This is achieved in two ways:

Codriver playing with Herself

In order to keep the driver awake and fully concentrated the codriver should play with herself every 20 to 30 minutes. This includes playing with her tits, nipple, pussy and clit. The codriver should stop these activities shortly before reaching her orgasm.

Codriver playing with Driver

Every 90 minutes she should give him occasional handjobs combined with blow jobs to ensure that he is definitely not fallen asleep while driving.

Naked Female Codrivers

Naked female codrivers are required whenever asking for directions.

Unwilling Female Codrivers

If the codriver is not willing to perform any of the tasks above, the socalled "tie your codriver" bondage set is used to tie her pantyless with spread legs to the front screen and then to drive her around downtown for at least 120 minutes.

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