Combined nipple and clit masturbation

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Combined nipple and clit masturbation is a type of female masturbation: performed by simultaneously selfteasing the nipples and the clitoris. Recent studies as well as RC experience shows, that women who are very clit-sensitive are very often also nipple-sensitive. A combination of clit masturbation and nipple stimulation leads to combined nipple and clit fun. Typically she stimulates her nipples with her fingers, while her clit might be stimulated by her other hand or a sex toy thus applying vibrator masturbation to intensify the stimulation. Combined nipple and clit masturbation is the most common type of female masturbation, however some women stimulate their nipple during the entire duration of masturbation, while some other tease their own nipples only for a short period of time, which might be as well at the beginning as a kind of foreplay or at the end during the orgasm phase.

Photo of Nipple and Clit Masturbation

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