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The cowgirl anal-sex position very common anal sex position performed very much like the common pussy-penetrating cowgirl sex position. Unlike the doggy anal-sex position, the more active part is performed by the female and she much more control over speed and the depth of penetration

  • The man lies flat on his back or elevates his shoulder/head region
  • The woman sits on top of him facing him, with his body between her legs and her anus on top or in front of his penis.
    • Her face and tits are positioned very close to his face which allows kissing
    • He massages her tits and nipples and supports some of her weight as she leans forward and slightly arches her back for better thrusts (the woman's hair should be appropriately arranged for this)

In the cowgirl positions although the female plays a more active role, the male may also take part by matching the girls thrust by likewise thrusting head on thereby achieving a more sustained orgasm. Due to the angle of his penis entering her pussy, the anal cowgirl position appears as a combination of clitoral stimulation and anal stimulation to her. For great stimulation to the clitoris and G-Spot simultaneously, after she slides down over the penis, she can lean her torso forward, keeping her crotch pressed close to his body and do a rocking back and forth or rubbing motion.

Anal Cowgirl Position Photos

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