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A cum mouth is a female mouth that has been ejaculated in and she neither swallowed or spit the jizz. A cum mouth does not require that the jizz is inside her mouth, which would be a cum tongue. A cum mouth can be easily identified by cum dripping from her lips and cum surrounding her mouth area. If you don't like to taste your own cum, you might want to stay away from freshly created cum mouthes because some girls like to give cum kisses right after you blew your load into her mouth.

For some strange reason, looking at pictures of cum mouths might have a sexually stimulating effect on the viewer while one the other hand many girls love to be photographed with dripping cum from their mouth. Cum mouthes are very common for cum photos.

A cum mouth is quite often the aftermath of giving a blowjob or or even more extreme after receiving a facefuck. See also creamed. Quite often a cum mouth goes together with a cum chin. Photos of cum mouthes showing the wife's or girlfriend's mouth after ejaculated on or in are quite popular in erotic amateur photography and belong to the so-called type of after-sex photos.

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