Crossed legs masturbation

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Crossed legs masturbation is a female masturbation technique: A woman squeezes her thighs more or less together thus creating pressure on her pussy until she reaches an orgasm. This type of handsfree masturbation is very discrete and it is almost impossible to tell that the girl is masturbating. Crossed legs masturbation does not lead to very strong orgasms, however it can be performed almost everywhere, like at the office, on a bus and so on. According to a Voyeurcloud survey about 40% of women are able to and did perform crossed legs masturbation at mostly public places at least 5 times. However this type of masturbation does not work right away the first time but might require several tries before it works for her. Some girls reported that it only works when wearing tight jeans and other reported it only works when wearing skirts. Some other women reported that they need to "double cross" their legs or rub one leg against the other leg.

Crossed legs masturbation photos

Impossible to tell that she performes crossed legs masturbation
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