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A cucumber or zucchini is a very cheap and natural dildo and masturbation toy available at different sizes at all grocery stores. This is how it works:

  • You select a cucumber of your favorite size at any grocery store.
  • You take it out of the frig at least 90 minutes before masturbation.
  • You wash the cucumber
  • For pussy pleasure you might not need to apply lubrication depending on the amount of your pussy juice.
  • For anal pleasure you definitely need to apply lubrication.
  • You start pumping the cucumber in and out of your pussy or anus.
  • After reaching your orgasm, you trash the cucumber
  • Unless you expect your mother in law for dinner AND you had anal fun with your cucumber: In that case you might want to serve the used cucumber to your mother in law.
  • In general cucumbers are a better choice than bananas because the skin of cucumbers is not radioactive.

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