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1. n. Ejaculate: "She has cum dripping out of her mouth." or "The cum was all over her tits!"

2. v. Orgasm: "I'm cumming!!!" or "Did you cum?"


Cum versus Come

There is much debate whether the vulgar expression for ejaculate is spelled cum or come. There is no right or wrong answer, but only preference. Some writers of erotica use both - using "cum" for the more vulgar slang. An argument that the past tense of of the action verb is "came" has not settled the debate.

Aftermath of Cum

The aftermath of cum(ming) "onto" something is to leave cum stains. Cumming into something, like for example her pussy might also leave cum stain if your juice starts dripping out of her holes.

In general there are following major targets of the male ejaculation:

Targets of Cum

1: Female body areas being targeted with cum during sex

2: Female Clothing Items being targeted during sex

3: Other items being targeted with jizz

4: Common female items being targeted with cum during masturbation

What is cum?

There are two different types of cum and their composition is slightly different: The so-called precum and the main cum which is ejaculated during orgasm.

Cum contains

  • 70% of cum is fructose and other rich substances as well as anti-acids. This fluid will 'feed' your sperms during their travel through the female pussy and protect it from any acid in her pussy. The fructose parts are the cause for nasty cum stains once the fructose dried.
  • 25% of cum are citric acid, antigen and enzymes. Also these substances will help your sperms to travel safely through her pussy in order to produce a baby!
  • 5% are actual sperms.

If there is no other food around, you should be able survive by drinking at least a quarter gallon of cum every day due to the high fructose components of cum. If you do so, please report the result because this is only theory and nobody every actually tried out to live on cum only for weeks or months.

Pre Cum contains

Precum basically the same as above, but

  • No sperms
  • More anti-acids
  • Less fructose

and looks more clear than the actual cum.

The taste of cum

Males can influence the cum of their ejaculate by what they consume. Common substances such as tobacco and coffee easily pass their flavors into the ejaculate of their host. As a result, if you drink lots of coffee and your partner hates coffee, your partner will not enjoy the flavor of your ejaculate. Your lifestyle choices heavily influence how your ejaculate will taste. For the sweetest tasting cum, choosy women prefer for their partners to consume no coffee, no tobacco and lots of pineapple or pineapple juice. Apple juice if you can't get pineapple. For nutrition facts about cum please read under ejaculation.

The smell of cum

Unlike pussy juice fresh cum has almost no odor. Odor might develop after 12 hours because the high fructose parts of the cum attract bacteria. In other words: Old cum starts smelling rotten when too many bacterias start digesting the cum.

A female with cum in her mouth, she clearly thinks it tastes just fine today thanks.
A full load of his cum.

(Women who consume "it" of course enjoy the taste of "it" in the ejaculate of their partners. A women who loves coffee will probably like it if her lovers cum is flavored by coffee. Women who smoke tobacco really like the taste of cum from tobacco smokers.)

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