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Definition of Cum Face

A cum face is a female face that has been ejaculated on and she neither swallowed nor spit the jizz. It takes a huge amount of cum to produce a real great looking cum face. A cum face requires that huge areas of her face are covered with cum. If only the lower area of her face is covered with ejaculation, it is not a cum face but a cum mouth. If only the center area is covered, it is called cum nose. Typically the cum should be dripping from a perfect cum face. The golden rule of cum faces is, the more sexy her face looks without cum, the more impressive the result with cum all over her face will be on the resulting cum photos.

Producing the perfect Cum Face

To achieve good cum face results, the lady should have a sexy and tanned face (pale faces have less color contrast against his cum), his penis should be located around 3 inches (8 cm) away from her face targeting her nose when his ejaculation starts and then slowly moved up and down during the ongoing cum shower. It is recommended to use Anti-Sperm Glasses or to keep the eyes shut when going for a cum face. Of course her cum face should be documented on photo shortly after his ejaculation as each cam face is unique and lasts for a short time only! If several men are jointly cuminn on her face, it is called Bukkake. Her cum face us usually the result of her giving a handjob or blowjob or of male masturbation onto her face.

Effects of a Cum Face

For some strange reason, looking at pictures of cum faces might have a sexually stimulating effect on the viewer. A cum face is quite often the aftermath of giving a blowjob, also called receiving a creamed face. A freshly creamed face will show the effect of dripping cum.

Types of Cum Faces

The basic types of cum faces are

Photo Samples of Cum Faces

Unprotected Cum Face Photos

Photos Cum Faces with Glasses

Photos Blindfolded Cum Faces

More photos and videos of Cum Faces

Photos of cum faces showing the wife or girlfriend after ejaculated on are quite popular in erotic amateur photography and belong to the so-called type of after-sex photos.
Further photos and videos done by amateurs showing cum faces can be found in VCity under Cum Face Blog Posts

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