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Cum in panties is one of several common male masturbation methods to leave his cum in or on her personal items without her knowledge and considered a fetish.

The male selects one of his female partners freshly cleaned panties or used panties and cums in or on her panties. Typically he tries to target the pussy or anus area of her panty with his ejaculation. After 20 to 40 minutes drying time, he puts her panty back into her drawer. The idea that her pussy or/and anus is covered with the remaining of his sperms will give him great pleasure during the entire wear time of the panty.

The preferred choice of panty mostly depends on the color of the panty: He usually selects a panty on which the stain of his cum can hardly be detected, like white, yellow or pink panties. Any dark color might be in high contrast to his dried cum and raise suspicion from her end.

A neighboring fetish is to actually wear her panty during masturbation, as described under male masturbation in her panty.

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Cum in her panties
Cum in her panty

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