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Cum in shoes is one of several common male masturbation methods called shoe masturbation or shoe fuck to leave his jizz in or on her personal items without her knowledge and considered a fetish.

The male selects any of her shoes or high heels depending on his mood, but also her sneakers have been documented as potential victims.. Usually he selects parked shoes. He then masturbates into her shoe. After 100 to 200 minutes drying time, he puts her shoe back. He typically tries to target the toe area of her shoes because his cum stains can hardly be detected there. The choice of shoe is very individual: Some males only prefer "virgin shoes", which means brand new shoes never used before, and cum in her brand new shoes as a kind of welcome greeting. Other try to cum in every shoe she frequently wears, like her sport shoes, tennis shoes, daily work shoes etc. Other males on go for sexy "high heels". Those male who want to stay on the safe side, mostly cum in her boots, where it is almost impossible to detect his cum stains.

No matter which shoes he cums in: Whenever she wears those shoes the idea of her toes walking on his jizz gives him great pleasure and mutual enjoyment, especially his cum in her shoes is part of the popular marking territory party game. The downside to to this "sport" is that when he eventually gets caught, the emergency room will have a more difficult getting a firm hold of the high heel lodged in his skull.

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