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A cum nose means that a male has ejaculated on or in (see also: creamed) her nose. The external cum nose is more common than the internal cum nose, which requires exact targeting of her nostrils. If you manage to inject a huge load of jizz into her nostrils, the cum dripping out of her nostrils will continue for at least 40 to 60 minutes and there is no way to entirely remove the jizz from within her nose. It is recommended to go for internal cum noses during parties, because it always leads to funny situations and odd questions for quite some time. In order to produce a fancy cum nose, he needs to place the little hole of his penis right in front of one her nostrils during ejaculation and after the first one or two shots quickly move it beneath her other nostril. Things will happen faster than she can pull away. Cum noses produce interesting cum photos.

Cum Nose Photos

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