Cum on hairbrush

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Cum on hairbrush is one of several common male masturbation methods to leave his jizz in or on her personal items without her knowledge and considered a fetish:

The male masturbates onto her hairbrush. It is almost impossible to notice his cum on any hairbrush once dried, if he selected a hairbrush with a bright color. The cum on hairbrush is usually performed either before she goes to her office work or before they go out for dinner or a party. The idea, that she will be applying his cum to her hair the entire day at the office or watching her applying the cum hairbrush frequently to her hair during a party or while at the restaurant, gives him great pleasure. When she has discovered what he has done, he will find laying in the emergency with a hairbrush stuck up his ass not as enjoyable as he thought it might be, especially bristles first.

Cum on Hairbrush Photos

She has no idea about the cum on her hairbrush once dried

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