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Cum on her pic also called "cum on her photo" is a weird sexual activity or maybe even a fetish which developed in the 90'. It takes at least two persons to run a cum on her pic session. The first person is the poster of the photo: He or she posts a pic on the internet, like for example Voyeurclouds Member BB. The poster usually is:

  • The husband or boyfriend of the displayed girl
  • The ex-husband or ex-boyfriend of the displayed girl
  • The girl herself

Once her photo is posted, the poster ask the viewers to ejaculate onto the printout of the picture. This is usually followed by photographing the printout with the cum on it and the reposting this photo. So basically "cum on her pic" does not only mean to jizz onto a photo but to photograph the sprayed photo and to post it. Then the primary poster of her original photo reviews the posted pic showing the printout with the jizz and feels some strange type of sexual satisfaction or at least arousal.

Cum on her Pic photos

Someone jizzed on her photo
Someone came on her photo
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