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Cum on her stuff is a very common type of male masturbation and usually performed in complete privacy. The masturbating male person chooses a personal item of his girlfriend or wife or family member or female guests without their knowledge and cums on or into that personal item. After his jizz dried, he put the item back. This type of masturbation not only generates an orgasm during masturbation, but also generates a type of after-effect when she wears or uses the jizzy item at a later stage without knowing about the jizz. The more public variation of cum on her stuff is called marking territory and a popular party game. The most popular practice to leave cum in or on her stuff is to leave his

The rules behind leaving cum on any personal item of her are: The item should be used or worn by her. The jizz should get somehow in contact with her body (like dripping on her skin) which means endless fun for him. She should never suspect his cum on or in that item! It is always good to find new victims: Girls who were already creamed in the past pay much more attention to their stuff!

Cum in her panty
Cum in her Shoe

Other Cum Targets

Besides these items also other her clothing items might be the target of his jizz targeting. See under: Cum on her clothes.

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