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Cum shoes means that a male has ejaculated into (see also: creamed) her shoes. In most cases the ejaculation has been triggered by a type of male masturbation called cum in shoes and not by handjobs delivered by her but cum shoes can also be the result of a shoe job or be the result of parked shoes at risky locations. It is unknown why most males tend to fuck her sexy shoes from time to time. The preferred target area for his cum is the inside toe area of her shoes. There are no general preferences when it comes to the type of shoes: Cum in shoes has been documented in every type of shoes from elegant high heels to tennis shoes. Cum shoes may also his way of protest for denied footjob or denied footfuck or denied foot masturbation or might be the valve for his shoe fetish. His biggest moment of excitement arrives when she wears those shoes without any knowledge about his dried cum, especially if the cum shoes are part of the popular marking territory party game. Cum shoes are often used for cum photos.

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