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This page was initially started by Igor and is meant for users editing and adding pages here at VC's Wiki. Please feel free to add facts below and to discuss issues at the corresponding Discussion page.



  • Images should come from pictures you own the copyright or from Voyeurcloud, including IgorsHoF and YourSexyTits.
  • You may use images you snapped yourself, but DO NOT use copyright images found elsewhere on the web.
  • Think twice before OVERWRITING files from others. And if you really do so, please make sure that you also change the describing text of the image. Many uploaders leave (and should leave) explaining text and copyrights together with their image. If you overwrite their images, you end up with your image and their text. Makes no sense. When you overwrite an image it changes on ALL the pages that are linked to this image and not only on the specific page you're working on. Overwriting also eliminates the existing image from the servers. Best solution: Do not overwrite the images of others at all.
  • Excessive usage of huge images on a page makes the page look weird. Use clickable thumbs or a gallery instead.
  • If you want help formatting a page, just add that info on the page: (would someone please make these into thumbnails and place them on the left. TIA)
  • Do not use blurry pics or other low-quality pics.
  • Entries do not need every VC image ever published added to them, but rather the best images representing the entry. The Hall of Fame is taggable - leave the tags and images to the Hall of Fame if you are not increasing the definition within VC Wiki entries.

New policy regarding explicit images on Wiki

Effective 1 December 2011 the following new guidelines regarding explicit images on VoyeurClouds' Wiki go into effect:

  • It is OK to add explicit images to the Wiki if it is essential to the article.
  • The number of explicit images should be kept the minimum required to illustrate the article
  • The photo must be tagged with "explicit photo" in the text part of the image page so admins can easily locate and review the image. Add the tag - [[Category:Explicit]] to the explicit image.
  • A few examples: An article about "miniskirt" or "high heels" or even "remote vibrator panty" does not require any pussy pic to illustrate the subject of the article. An article about "pussy" or "anus" is OK to show a few(!!) pussy pics to illustrate the subject.
  • Please use common sense when uploading explicit pics.
  • This new policy will be reviewed in January 2012. If it shows that too many unnecessary hardcore pics have been posted and the workload for the admins is getting too high to remove those pics, the policy will be switched back to a strict "no explicit pic at all" policy.

Being Considerate

  • When writing about contributors, guesswork is best left off. Use the facts the contributor provides. My Mexican Girlfriend is not the same as My girlfriend from Mexico


  • Do not copy academic or scientific material from other sources. VC's Wiki is not about academic descriptions. Readers here are not interested to learn how female breasts produce milk. They would like to read about the fun aspects of playing with nipples, sucking on a breast and such.
  • Wiki link any word which might be worth further explaining. Don't worry about non-existing explaining pages. Example: You start a page about the 'Rogger Rabbit Sextoy'. You mention vibrators. You put the term vibrator into double Wiki brackets. Later on you notice that the page 'Vibrator' does not exist at VC's Wiki. That's alright. The system knows it and puts 'Vibrator' under 'Wanted Pages' on the main menu at the left. Someone will hopefully add it later. Then you notice a week later that the page "Vibrator" was now started by someone. You go there and add your "Rogger Rabbit" under 'Further Reading' or wherever it fits. Now both pages are crosslinked - and that's what Wiki is all about: Referring Crosslinks!
  • Crosslinking to another wiki page is as simple as enclosing a word in double square brackets. For example, [[Voyeurcloud]] will produce Voyeurcloud. Please use these for the main keywords of your entry. Some people will search the Special:Wantedpages looking just for topics to write a new entry. That is the addiction some people have with wiki, especially ones you can be fun and creative with a little nonsense sprinkle on top.
  • There is really no need to make multiple wiki links of the same root word, such as: voyeur and voyeurs. Stick with the simple root word. If your text calls for the plural, format your link like this: [[voyeur|voyeurs]] or [[voyeur]]s to produce a wiki link voyeurs that goes to the Voyeur entry. Remember that wiki entries are mostly CaSe SenSiTiVe. The first letter does not matter, but others do. So that if you prefer to write VoyeurCloud, you should wiki link like this: [[Voyeurcloud|VoyeurCloud]]. If not, someone will come along an make minor edits of your entries, or they might add REDIRECT as an extra entry.
  • Avoid http-type links (single square brackets around a URL and optional text) for dynamic pages. Those pages may not exist in time, and dead links are no fun for anyone.
  • Add content. Resist removing content. If you know something is wrong, change it, and use the Summary Field/Discussion Tab to explain why you did make the change. If you aren't sure, either state so or start the Discussion. Others will weigh in on the matter, too.
  • Correct spellings if you are making other changes. If you are sure about a simpler writing style, go for it. I ain't no non-foreign non-verbal communicator might be saying I am not an English writer. Regardless, if you are not adding content to the entry, check the This is a minor edit box.
  • USE THE Show preview before clicking Save page! It will save you from re-editing the entry several times to get it how you want it, and will also reduce the clutter on the Recent changes page.

Style Guide

  • Start the entry with the entry name, in bold text. Bold text is made by place three single quote marks (apostrophe, ') around a word or words.
  • Most images show be show as thumbs, left justified. If a small collection of images are presented, consider using a gallery.
  • Add Categories to the entry, including and especially images. Try to place as many relevant categories as possible. For images, start with the model's name.

External Links vs Spamming

We had to disable links to external sites due to some spam bots. However, you can set up link to every Voyeurcloud section as well as our other sites.

Editing tips

If you want to look up or contribute a page editing tip, then please do it at editing tips.

Where to start

  • Register a username. It is free.
  • Edit your user page to describe yourself.
  • Look through Special:WantedPages for entries still not covered and needed
  • Use the search field to find an entry you have personal knowledge. Add your two bits.
  • See an entry without illustrations of a photo? Search Igor's Hall of Fame or Last Months' Winners pages for excellent images to upload.
  • Still not sure or do not think you're a good writer? Add to the discussion pages or just start clicking on the Wiki links. See a typo or something incorrect? Go ahead and fix it.
  • Have fun.
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