Doggy anal-sex position

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The anal doggy position or Doggy-style assfuck is a very common and popular anal sex position and is very similar to the standard pussy-penetrating doggy sex position.

The Standard Anal Doggy Sex Position

  • The penetrated partner crouches on all fours with the legs slightly spread
  • The penetrating partner kneels behind her.
  • The penetrating partner lubricates her anus
  • The penetrating partner penetrates the receiver anally from behind, either using the penis or a Strap-On dildo.
  • Due to the angle of his penis entering her pussy, the doggy position gives her anal stimulation only.

The doggy does not allow any direct eye-contact: He can see her back side and she cannot see him. When performing an intensive doggy fuck, his entire body weight swings forth and back. This might lead to undesired side mechanical side effects: The entire bed starts swinging forth and back and might develop a knocking sound against the wall and as well the legs of the bed might break. The other "mechanical" side effect of having anal sex in the doggy positions can be noticed on her tits: Depending on the weight of her tits, her boobs will start swinging forth and back. She might or might not like this effect! The anal doggy position is the most common anal sex position. However some women do not like this position, because they have no control of his speed and the strength he applies on her sensitive anus.

The standard anal doggy can be performed with his legs in between her legs or her legs in between legs.

Standard Anal Doggy Position Photos

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