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The doggy sex position or Doggy-style fuck or doggy fuck or WfI-position is a very common and popular sex position:


The Standard Doggy Sex Position

The doggy does not allow any direct eye-contact: He can see her back side and she cannot see him. When performing an intensive doggy fuck, his entire body weight swings forth and back. This might lead to undesired side mechanical side effects: The entire bed starts swinging forth and back and might develop a knocking sound against the wall and as well the legs of the bed might break. The other "mechanical" side effect of having sexual intercourse in the doggy positions can be noticed on her tits: Depending on the weight of her tits, her boobs will start swinging forth and back. She might or might not like this effect! The doggy position is the second most common sex position after the missionary sex position. Any type of doggy position belongs to the family of Sex with pussy from behind positions.

The standard doggy can be performed with his legs in between her legs or her legs in between legs. The later choice gives her less freedom to move her hips forth and back and will give him a more tight feeling inside her pussy.

Standard Doggy Sex Position Photos

Variations of the Doggy Sex Position

Jackhammer sex position Doggy

The penetrating partner does not kneel behind her, but stands on his feet while bending his knees. This position allows him to apply much more power to his movements. Furthermore the jackhammer position changes the angle of attack of his penis and makes it easier to access her anus.

Photos of Jackhammer sex position Doggy

Tied Hands Doggy

The tied hands doggy position: The tied hands doggy position is a special type of doggy sex position: Before moving into doggy position her hands are being tied behind her back using rope or handcuffs. With her hands tied on her back she will of course not be able to crouch on all fours but she will have to croutch on her knees and her head. If there is no support for her head she will pointing downward. The imagination that she is kind of helpless while being fucked from behind in many cases give him and/or her additional excitement during intercourse. Also the doggy style fuck in handcuffs position is quite common.

Photos of Tied Hands Doggy

Doggy Threesome

  • This position can be extended to a doggy threesome by her giving a blowjob to a second man.
  • The doggy position is also good to simulate threesome sex by using a suction cup dildo on her rear while she gives a blowjob. This is called an imaginary doggy threesome.

Doggy Threesome Photos

Standing Doggy

The standing doggy required her to go an all fours on some kind of elevated platform like a chair or a table, while the man does not kneel but stand behind her. Standing on his legs allows him to move forth and back faster and stronger.

Standing Doggy Photos

Anal Doggy

The doggy anal-sex position is exactly performed the same way like the regular pussy penetrating doggy, however he sticks his penis into her anus instead of her pussy. The "angle of attack" is a little bit moved upwards, other than that there is no difference.

Anal Doggy Photos

Lesbian Doggy

The lesbian doggy is common between lesbian sex partners. It requires one of the women to wear a strap-on and then to take over the role of the man.

Lesbian Doggy Photos

Further Videos and Photos showing Doggy Sex

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