Doggy style fuck in handcuffs

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The doggy style fuck in handcuffs or 'handcuffed doggy fuck' or handcuffed WfI-position is a common and popular sex position and a special type of the doggy sex position:

The Standard Doggy Style Fuck in Handcuffs Position

  • She crouches on all fours with the legs slightly spread.
  • She balances her weight on her knees and forehead and chest.
  • She hold her arms back.
  • Her arms are being handcuffed behind her back.
  • As an alternative she might also stretch her arms forward and her hands are being handcuffed to the wall or the backside of the bed-
  • The penetrating partner penetrates her vaginally or anally from behind, either using the penis or a Strap-On dildo.
  • This position is both good for pussy sex and anal sex
  • She feels kind of helpless, which very often adds to her enjoyment.
  • He feels in total control, which very often adds to his enjoyment.

Recommendation: Her body should be fully stabilized with her hands handcuffed before action starts. Otherwise she might flip to a side fast. Also a very soft surface should be placed under her head and her chest.

Doggy Fuck in Handcuffs Photos

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