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A "downblouse" describes the content of a specific photo: The downblouse is shot by targeting an eventual gap between her clothing and her tits. This means you look down her blouse or whatever top she is wearing. Quite often downblouse shots involve cleavage and sometimes even nipples. Downblouse pics usually look more appealing if she is braless. In general there are two different categories of down blouse pics:


Downblouse types

Candid downblouse

Candid downblouse means that the pictured woman was not aware of the photo being taken. Candid downblouses are discussed in detail under downblouse voyeurism.

Candid Downblouse Photos

Posed downblouse

Posed downblouse means that the pictured woman was aware of the photo being taken. She may act as if she did not know you could see down her blouse when she looks at the photos. From the grin on your face to the bulge in your pants, she knew you were not making eye contact.

Posed Downblouse Photos

Further Downblouse Photos and Information

Further photos and videos showing ddownblouse under Downblouse Photo and Video Blog

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