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Downblouses in General

A downblouse is a voyeuristic phrase defined as clandestine peeks at the woman's tits when the clothing affords a viewing gap. This most often occurs when she is bending over when wearing a loose-fitting shirt that allows a view down the front or in the case of a sleeveless shirt or tanktop, a view from the side. To the voyeur, a standard downblouse may result in a view of a bra. A successful downblouse should have the breasts being bare; i.e., when the woman is not wearing a bra which means braless. And the perfect downblouse will result in an unobstructed view of her nipples or even better erected nipples. Downblouse views require a top with a loose fit and cannot be performed on very tight tops. Additionally typical downblouse views are much easier on very small tits and small tits: Those breast sizes are often not covered by bras and (due to the dimensions and shape of her tits) only require a more moderate viewing angle compared to big tits or very big tits.
A downblouse is defined by the view of her tits from above and is a sub-type of tit voyeurism. Other potential voyeuristic tit views are called sideblouse or upblouse. A downblouse always requires a view angle from above her titties. If the downblouse is not generated by a viewing angle in combination with a gap between her top and her body but by some kind of malfunction of her clothes, it is not called downblouse but nipple slip or nipple oops or tits oops. Persons documenting down blouse views are called downblouse voyeurs. Voyeurs with neighboring interests are tit voyeurs, nipple voyeurs and bra voyeurs.

Categories of Downblouse Photos

Voyeuristic downblouse photos can be categorized into the following categories depending on the angle of view as well as the layers of clothes covering her tits and the position of her breast:

Bend over Downblouse

The bend over downblouse is a classical opportunity: She bends down in front of you, for example while grabbing a drink from a low raise table. This leads to a combination of the following two effects: Her tits will move into a hanging tits position while at the same time her top will be pulled down by gravity. Your angle of view is optimized as well. Unfortunately she usually does not stay in this position for long as well does not allow you to shoot a photo of her because she is facing you. This means that the bend over down blouse is the most common down blouse opportunity on one hand but also the most rare photo documented down blouse opportunity on the other hand.

Shot from above Downblouse

The shot from above downblouse is another classical opportunity: it requires the downblouse voyeur to be positioned on an elevated location in order to look into her top from above plus her wearing a lose top. This situation can be typically found at all kinds of sport stadiums as well as girls sitting on steps. This type of downblouse opportunity is photo documented frequently.

Braless Downblouse

The braless downblouse is the major goal of all downblouse voyeurs. It requires the downblouse voyeur to locate a braless girl at a location and in a position which allows him to move his camera into an angle of view, which shows as much as possible of her tits.

Nipple Downblouse

The nipple downblouse is the ultimate downblouse photo opportunity. It requires the downblouse voyeur to locate a girl in a position which allows him to view/photograph at least one of her nipples down her shirt. Nipple downblouse photos of girls wearing a bra are possible and feasible.

Downblouse Photos

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