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Eating Pussy is an oral sexual activity: Stimulating a woman's pussy, including outer and inner labia, outer edge of her vagina, clitoris, pudendum, and surrounding regions with your tongue and lips: Licking the exterior pussy area and clit, sucking the clit and sticking your tongue into her pussy. Eating pussy is a combination of clitoral stimulation and pussy penetration. Eating pussy is the female equivalent of receiving a blow job and usually consists of clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation. If two women eat each others pussy it is also called carpet munching. If he eats her pussy while she delivers a blowjob it is called 69er. If the tongue only teases her clit and is not entered into her pussy, it is not considered penetration. Eating pussy will always make the giving partner taste her pussy juice. Men do not really enjoy to eat pussies with a strange pussy odor. For that reason during the hot season many ladies perform airing pussy frequently to keep bad odors away from their pussies.

Latin: Cunnilingus

ES: Cunnilingus. Recibir la estimulación del coño con la lengua, lamiendo la zona exterior (conejo) mientras se juega con el clitoris.

Equivalente a la mamada.


Common Positions for Eating Pussy

Eating Pussy Missionary Style

Eating Pussy Missionary Style

The most common style to eat pussy is positioning herself into the missionary sex position: She lies flat on her back and her legs are spread and pulled up in a 70 to 90 degree angle, while the tongue approaches her pussy from between her legs. The pussy eater can use his hands to stimulate her nipples while eating her pussy. The receiving woman does not do anything but enjoying the moment.

Eating Pussy 69 Style

Eating Pussy 69 Style

This type of position puts both partners into the receiving and giving role. This position is discussed under 69.

Eating Seated Pussy

Eating Pussy Seated Style

This type of position does not require to lie flat and can be performed almost anywhere where she finds a spot to seat herself. This position has been spotted in cars as well as behind bar counters or in movie theaters.

Face Sitting

Eating Pussy Facecitting Style

The receiving female sits or knees above the head of the giving partner. She can sit in either direction, or facing his feet or facing away from his feet. If she faces his feet, the giving partner's nose will tickle her anus and the giving partner will be practically blind: Therefore face sitting is also common in domination games. When eating pussy this way, the giving partner will face lots of pussy juice drooling on him.

Lesbian Group Pussy Eating

More than two women eating each others pussy might lead to chained sex.

Basic Instructions for Happy Pussy Eating

  • Start with a gentle stimulation of the labia and the whole pussy area instead of starting on her sensitive clitoris. Simply licking pussy is always a good start!
  • Run your tongue clockwise around her pussy.
  • Insert your tongue slowly into her pussy.
  • When she is fully aroused you can start slowly to touch her clit with your tongue.
  • Do not suck too often or too intensely on her clitoris. See sucking clit.
  • Work slowly and make sure she is enjoying herself by listening for those tell-tale moans of ecstasy.
  • If she drags you close then don't hold back - suck her stuff as much as you can because she will repay your favour very soon so don't be a miser in pleasing her.

Advanced techniques for eating pussy

From the front and facing your partner lay your tongue flat and cover her entire pussy. With the tip of your tongue touching the spot between the anus and her vagina. Use long lapping strokes avoiding the clit at the top. Instead, when reaching the top, move your tongue to one side and encircle the Clit, briefly slipping in under it hood. After she is wet slips two fingers inside and work them back and forth against one another like scissors. Continue to lick around the opening of her delicious pussy while periodically stopping at the top to draw that wonderful clitoris out and make it swell nicely. My girl prefers it when I work her G spot, clit, and anus at the same time. I'm up there with both hands and mouth working my wizardry. If we are in 69 position you can bet your next orgasm that my nose is buried in her beautiful butt hole.

It is not recommended to eat any pussy which is surrounded by lots of long pubic hair, which means she has a hairy pussy. Those hairs might get lose and get stuck in your throat, which might lead to suffication. The best pussies to eat are bald pussy, followed by any type of shaved Pussy or landing strips.

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