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This page holds a bunch of tips for how to do fancy things on the Wiki. The intention of this page is to show how to do tricky stuff that is not well covered or otherwise easily answered.


Before adding a tip please read "How to Add a Tip".


Additional information on common Wiki commands can be found at:

Wikipedia: How to edit a page
Wikipedia: Tutorial on formatting

How to Add a Tip

Obviously, if you just write the code for a tip it will show the result of that code and not the code itself. So to show the code you need to add:
<nowiki>your code</nowiki>

eg. <nowiki>'''bold text'''</nowiki> appears as a tip like '''bold text''' and that displays on the final Wiki page like: bold text

To put the code in a neat little box you instead type:
<pre>your code</pre>

eg. <pre>'''bold text'''</pre> appears as a tip like

'''bold text'''

and that displays on the final Wiki page like: bold text


Always start your tip with a header:

== My tip ==


Always finish your tip by clearing any hanging content (this is explained in the tip "Vertically lining up text and images"):

<br clear="all">

Advanced tips: sometimes when you type </ as code in your tip, Wiki will interpret that as end of the code and not display it. To get around this type &lt; for the first '<' character. eg.

<pre><pre>your code&lt;/pre></pre>


<pre>your code</pre>

The outer <pre>...</pre> in this case drew the actual box in the display example... but hopefully you shouldn't need to do this!

Vertically lining up text and images

One common problem is that framed or thumbnailed images run too far down the right side of the page, with matching text still up at the top. What we'd like to do is leave a space under the text so that the next paragraph can line up with a new image. This is quite easy to do (though finding the definition was quite difficult!). The code is:

<br clear="all">


[[image:Merci.jpg|thumb|Merci is totally hot!]]
my first para is about Merci
<br clear="all">
[[image:Faqfly 1131.jpg|thumb|FAQ - hmm not so hot.]]
my second para is about FAQ


Merci is totally hot!

my first para is about Merci

FAQ - hmm not so hot.

my second para is about FAQ

Using tables to align

You can also use this to put a bunch of images in a row. Eg. the following code from the EiP page:

<gallery widths="300px" heights="300px">
Image:Eip.jpg|Example: One of the most popular and loyal contributors to EiP is Lexo
Image:Eip-Amel20050921-155467-0.jpg|Amel flashing(exposed) in public


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