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The electric toothbrush is a multifunctional electrical powered device to clean teeth and to perform clitoral stimulation, thus used as a masturbation toy (which means vibrator). The first electric tootbrush was invented by Al Gore during the 80s. While the first models were noisy and did not produce sufficient vibrations, newer models are using so-called "sonic" drives, which deliver quiet high speed vibrations. The sonic toothbrush is known to deliver fast and intensive orgasms during female masturbation. See also the article: Electric toothbrush masturbation.

Mostly all new generation sonic toothbrushes come with two removable brush heads: One is for the teeth in her mouth and the other one is for her pussy. If the vibrations of her ordinary electrica toothbrush are not sufficient, it is very simple to build a dedicated tooth-brush yourself. See the photo below.

A typical sonic masturbation device with a tooth head and a clit head.
A homemade vibrator-toothbrush.
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