Electric toothbrush masturbation

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Electric toothbrush masturbation is a type of female masturbation technique using an electric toothbrush to stimulate her clit. It is a kind of vibrator masturbation, however depending on the design of the electric toothbrush the toothbrush might be circulating or produce ultrasonic vibrations. The older circulating toothbrush types usually produces annoying sound, while the newer ultrasonic version are her better choice: The produce almost no noise and generate ultrasonic vibrations which stimulate her clit far more intensive. According to a Voyeurcloud survey almost every woman (98%) tried out an electric toothbrush for masturbation purposes and 32% do it frequently.

Due to the strong mechanical direct stimulation of her sensitive nerves, electric toothbrush masturbation often leads to fast and intensive orgasms.

Electric Toothbrush Masturbation Photos

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