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An Erected nipple is a nipple which has grown temporarily in size due to the impact of stimulation or cold temperatures. Erected nipples are an eyecatcher on dressed females. Erected nipples vary in nipple shape and nipple size!

Nipple erection happens when the tiny muscles on the areola and nipple contract. Those muscles are similar to the ones attached to hairs responsible for goose bumps. Nipples become erect as a response to various stimuli like cold, rubbing against clothes, or nipple stimulation by hand or other tools. Extreme nipple erection is achieved through tied nipples. Erected nipples per se are not a natural signal of being sexually aroused. In a way, an erected nipple can be compared to an erected penis. Also not all women's nipples become erect during sexual arousal. In any case, nipple erection is not a phenomenon unique to sexual arousal, nor does it happen to everybody. On the other hand, seeing an erected nipple turns most males on, especially when spotting erected nipples in public. Erected nipples are also called berries. If you can see the shape of her erected nipples through her top, she has poking nipples or pokies.

Erected nipple does not necessarily say anything about the length or diameter of the nipple: It only says that the nipple muscles did contract. The effect of the muscles contraction is a bigger nipple than in the non-contracted state, but must not lead to very long nipples or very thick nipples.

In order to erect nipples beyond their natural erected dimensions, so called nipple pumping is performed on her nipples.

Due to the reason that erected nipples have a sexy effect on many, the industry reacted with fake erected nipples, which can be attached to the natural nipples. This gives the viewer the impression of an erected nipple under her sexy top.

Goose bumps on tits always come together with erected nipples. Erected nipples are also called berries.

Informed opinion suggests that all women experience erection of the nipples during orgasm. This may not really be true of all women, of course.

If you love looking at hard and erected nipples, the best location for you to watch those is a topless beach!

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