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Exposed thong also known as "visible thong in public" is a relatively new type of subtle exhibitionism and wide spread amongst women since around 2005: Parts of her thong or her entire thong is put on public display thus catching the attraction of (mainly male) bypassers. The two most common methods to expose her thong and catch general attraction are:


Exposing her thong by wearing low waist clothing items

Wearing low waist pants or any other type of low waist clothing items like low waist skirts or shorts lead to the effect that the upper band of her thing becomes visible to public. The now visible part of her thong is called whaletail. There are several degrees of exposing her thong depending on the design of her low waist pants or shorts: The upper band of her thong might be visible all the time or might only be visible when she sits down or bents over. The voyeuristic view might reveal more or less regions of her ass cheeks. It is hard to believe that any type of exposed thong is accidental because women are well aware of the revealing effect of wearing low waist clothing items. Women using this method to expose their thongs are subject to widespread whale tail voyeurism. Thousands of photos can be found on the internet.

Exosed Thongs Photos Whaletale style

Exposing her thong by wearing see-through clothing items

Another common method to expose her thong to public is to wear seethrough clothing, like for example white pants. This mild of exhibitionism does mostly not reveal the fabric or any details of her thong, but is aimed to reveal the cut of her thong. Women using this method to expose their thongs are subject to widespread see through voyeurism.

See-Through Thong Photos

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