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Exposed tits is the display of the tits by a woman. Exposed tits means that the display of her tits goes on for a reasonable amount of time compared against the very quick act of flashing tits. Also exposed tits means that she exposes her tits from some kind of clothing. Otherwise it would be called nude or topless, although of course her tits are exposed when being topless or nude. In erotic photography exposed tits are achieved clothing. Either the clothing is cut in a way that her tits are permanently exposed or she arranges her clothing in a way that her tits are exposed or she wears some type of very see-through top. Exposed tits are considered a sexy photo pose.

Exposed Tits Photos

Exposed tits
Exposed tits
Exposed tits by see-through

Further Videos and Photos showing Exposed Tits

Further photos and videos showing done by amateurs and showing exposed tits are located under Exposed Tits Photo and Video Blog

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