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Definition of Facefuck

Facefuck: A special type of handsfree blowjob: She lies flat on her back while he penetrates her mouth with his penis. The girls mostly facefucked are the ones which have a face to fuck.

Caution: This should only be performed by penis-owners, who know what they are doing at any stage of sexual excitement. The penis inserted into her mouth too deep can result in a life-threatening situation for her. On the other hand, tieing her up before a facefuck might add to the sexual pleasure.

Facefuck vs. Blowjob

The major difference between a traditional blowjob and a facefuck: During a blowjob his penis is more or less in a static position, while her mouth moves up and down on his erected penis. During a facefuck, her head is in a more or less static psotion, while his penis moves forth and back. This one sided activity is also the cause for the term facefuck: He is basically fucking her face.

Aftermath of Facefuck

The aftermath of Facefuck is usually a cum face or cum mouth. However there is one safety rule to remember: Her pussy does not have any teeth - her mouth does!

Facefuck Photos

Facefuck Variations

Gagged Facefuck

Her mouth is kept open during the entire facefuck duration by using a ring gag.

Blindfolded Facefuck

Her eyes are blindfolded during the entire facefuck duration.

Tied Facefuck

Her hands, legs and feet are tied during the facefuck.

Tied MsC being ‘facefucked‘

Extreme Facefuck

The extreme facefuck is a combination of the above. She is blindfolded and bondaged and her mouth is kept open with a ring gag between her jaws. The facefuck is them performed by one person or (sometimes for training purposes) by several men after each other.

Jolynn after an extreme facefuck with a cum mouth

Reverse Facefuck

She lies flat on her back and bends her head back over the edge of the bed, while his penis approaches her from above. This facefuck position enables him to enjoy the full view of her body, e.g. her tits while facefucking her. It is important, the she keeps her hands close to her body which means the recverse facefuck is a handsfree blowjob.

Wife2408 receiving a reverse facefuck

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