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Footfuck is the sexual activity of a male fucking her feet until his ejaculation. Special fetish-oriented variations include her wearing sexy shoes and/or stockings/pantyhose while fucking her feet..

Giving a footjob requires her to gently press her two foot soles against each other so he can insert his penis in between her both feet.

Footfucks are delivered to

Usually footfucks are not performed as foreplay but as the final tease leading to his orgasm.

Giving or receiving has been considered a fetish for long time. Nowadays it has become quite normal to throw in a footfuck as an alternative to the other sex positions sometimes. A successful footfuck always leads to cum feet. Lubrication of her feet is highly recommended. If she plays the more active role by moving her feet up and down on his penis, it is not called footfuck but footjob.

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