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Each one of your hands should have 5 fingers: thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. A few people have six, and some due to accidents have less than the standard five.

For sexual purposes usually the thumb, index finger and middle finger play the critical role; however, the three-finger bowling grip is a useful formation using the thumb, middle, and ring finger, with the index and pinkie to the extended along the outsides.

To finger is a sexual act in which a finger or fingers are inserted in a woman's pussy also called finger fuck or finger fuck masturbation. This is a form of foreplay and a great way get a woman wet. Another type of fingering is to insert a finger into the asshole, also known as anal fingering. This will most likely not turn her pussy wet, but your finger brown.

In return, she uses her fingers to give males handjobs and to perform masturbation on herself. She might also raise her middle finger, to flip the bird in a sign that his sexual advances are unwelcomed.

Nice finger in her mouth
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