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Finger fuck also known as "fingering pussy" or "fingering ass" is not primarily fucking but means to stick a finger into her pussy or into her anus and to start moving the finger. Finger fuck is performed during female masturbation as well as during hetero sex and lesbian sex. Finger fuck can be part of the foreplay as well as lead to orgasm. Finger fucks become handy when real fucking is not feasible, for example while driving a car or while sitting in a theater. When she gives him a finger fuck, it is not called finger fuck but handjob. If your finger only touches her clit it is not considered penetration. If your finger enters her pussy it is considered pussy penetration. If she uses her own finger(s) to fuck herself it is called finger fuck masturbation. Especially after entering her anus with a finger, it is highly advised to wash your hands thoroughly and to remove any brown stains from under your finger nails.
In order to deliver a good fingerfuck, it is mandatory to know whether she is a clit-oriented woman or a pussy-oriented woman. Pushing your finger deep into her pussy when she expects the gentle touching of her clit might lead to radical endings of your fingerfuck! The easiest way to find out is to slowly and gentle massage her pussy lips. If she starts pushing her waist towards your hand, she is a pussy-oriented girl and you can safely push your finger into her pussy. If starts moving her hips down, she is a clit oriented girl and you should focus on her clit only. Women who enjoy anal sex might also enjoy their anus being fingerfucked: He slowly moves one of his fingers in and out of her anus. It is highly recommended not to stick his same finger into her pussy due to hygienic reasons!

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