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Firm tits are tits which more or less resist the effect of gravity without the help of any supporting device like a bra. Also called perky tits. Firm tits are an ideal attribute and thus often the motivation for breast enhancement. Natural firm tits are based on two main parameters: Age and breast size. The younger the lady and the smaller her tits are, the higher are the chances for natural firm tits. Ideally firm tits do not require any bra. However it is still recommended to wear a bra in order not to stress the supporting structure of her tits and to lose firmness. Extremely firm tits which have a canonical shape are called torpedo tits.

Photos of firm tits

Firm tis by Tori
Firm Tits on 'Newbie'

Further Videos and Photos showing Firm Tits

Further photos and videos showing done by amateurs and voyeurs and showing firm tits are under Firm Tits Photo and Video Blog

Voyeurcloud Photo collection of Firm Tits

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