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Flash Cards Bunny is an EiP enthusiast. Wherever she travels, she sends home, not boring picture postcards, but rather, her trademark flashcards. Flash Cards Bunny has flashed all over the world, and in each contri, her storyline and comments tell the tales of the historical or cultural points of interest (although much less interesting than the points of interest on her beautiful body). Flash Cards Bunny also participated in the 2005 EiP BB Scavenger Hunt.
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Newspaper Article

In November, 2003 an article was written about a contribution from Flash Cards Bunny. Given that newspapers need to sensationalize news to sell more papers, this article is amusing for the author's definition of pornography. The content of the article is shown below, followed by Flash Cards Bunny's submission referred to by this article. Despite the tone of the article and those quoted in it, the Grounds for Sculpture (located in Hamilton, NJ) is a fantastic sculpture garden and we recommend everyone visit it when in New Jersey (flashing optional). Here is the article:

Sculpture grounds backdrop for porn: Naked pix end up on Internet

Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton was designed to be a peaceful and artistic place, though its inspiration was recently misinterpreted by an amateur pornographer. At least that’s what management at the park said after learning this week that photographs of a naked woman posing on the grounds are circulating over the Internet.

Pictures of a woman in various stages of undress -- some showing her partially covered body and others where she is completely nude -- are posted on an amateur pornography Web site.

'The model is set at various sculptures on the former state fairgrounds’ 35 acres, including two of the famous pieces by local artist J. Seward Johnson, Jr.

These photos were taken without our knowledge or permission and we don’t condone them," a Grounds For Sculpture representative said.

The spokesperson said the park contacted its lawyer, but was unsure if legal action would be taken. According to park rules, it is illegal to publish photos of artwork in Grounds For Sculpture without written consent from the park.

"It was an opportunity to both admire art and do some personal interpretation," the statement says.

Immediately under the sentence is a picture of a blonde woman baring her breasts in the park.

In all, eight pictures are posted on the site featuring the same naked woman, mostly near two sculptures by Johnson -- "Dejeuner Deja Vu," his recreation of Edouard Manet’s "Dejeuner Sur l’Herbe" translated as "Luncheon on the Grass," and "Were You Invited?" based on Pierre Auguste Renoir’s "The Luncheon of the Boating Party."

Upon learning his artwork was used for pornographic material, Johnson said it was not what he intended for his sculptures.

"As an artist, I always love people to come and see my work," Johnson told The Trentonian. "Though I was hoping I didn’t have to go to that extent. That’s about all I can say."

"Dejeuner Deja Vu" shows a picnic scene with two males in suits and a nude woman. On the Grounds For Sculpture Web site it is described as a hidden treasure in the park that often makes people do a double take because it is so lifelike.

Other comments from the model next to her photos at "Were You Invited," offer jabs at Johnson and the renowned artists he models his works after.

Another says, "I hope artist J. Seward Johnson, Jr., who created this sculpture and the prior two I posed with, appreciates my interpretations of his interpretations."

Grounds For Sculpture was opened in the early ‘90s. Rules for the park, detailed on groundsforsculpture.com, say visitors are not allowed to touch the sculptures, photography is not allowed for commercial use and "appropriate dress" is required.

The park is privately owned and charges a fee between $5 and $12 for admittance.

"It is a museum and sculpture park meant to be appreciated in a contemplative manner," says a statement on the park’s Web site. "We are happy to have you visit. During your visit, however, we expect that you will use and enjoy the sculpture park in accordance with these rules, which are intended to protect the artworks, maintain the peace and quiet and preserve the natural beauty of the sculpture park."

And now here is Flash Cards Bunny submission referred in the article:

Continuing our Flash Cards (version of Post Cards). Jacques and I visited Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. It was an opportunity to both admire art and do some personal interpretation.

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