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Flashing: The short display of bare parts of the human body (mostly tits or ass), sometimes pussy which, according to the standards of the local cultural norms, would otherwise be clothed. Flashing is usually done towards unsuspecting bystanders or towards a camera for documentation purposes. If nobody sees the flash, then it didn't happen.

Flashing is the mildest interpretation of exhibitionism. if the flashing is performed involuntarily by someone else pulling her clothes up or down it is not called flashing but sharking.


Most Common Type of Flashing by Body Part

  1. Flashing tits
  2. Flashing ass - flashing ass
  3. Flashing pussy

Most Common Type of Flashing by Occasion

  1. Flashing at sceneries
  2. Flashing during city tours
  3. Flashing in hotels
  4. Flashing in air planes
  5. Flashing at Mardi Gras
  6. Flashing at restaurants
  7. Flashing at bars
  8. Flashing in a car
  9. Flashing on balconies

Flashing Photo Samples

More detailed photos can be found under the individual articles above.

Further Videos and Photos showing Flashing Women

Further photos and videos showing done by amateurs and showing flashing women under Flashing Photo and Video Blog

Flashing Precautions

Before performing a flash, it is strongly advised to run a short test in front of a mirror to make sure that the public flashing will look nice and sexy. Tests can easily be performed in front of a mirror, like for example, in the ladies room of a restaurant.

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